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Y'know that shade over half the population who make about ten percent of Big Two comics, probably about half of the rest, and whose work gets about five percent of the attention? Yeah, those folks: women?

In the spirit of celebrating great work, this week we're spotlighting a bunch of comics with female creators. 

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Back, back again to the stranger edges of sci fi. We ponder whether sci fi has preemptively shifted to reflect our garbage fire times, or whether our reading habits have just taken a turn for the cynical.

Because of the garbage fires.

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They say that the past is a foreign country, and as British citizens we are therefore left with an extremely limited window of opportunity to go there without a visa. We're looking back at books we loved, formative experiences, to see how they stack up now. Also: other comics! Is a hotdog a sandwich? More!

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We really expected to just talk in gushing tones about our favourite comic shops and then come up with some great ideas for how we'd run our own.

So of course we're ranting about the comics Direct Market. But also some other stuff!

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Hot dang folks, it's the end of the year, and that means Best Of lists. We're no exception to this cheap and easy content format, but we will at least give some lucky scamp a prize of each of our picks for the best comics this year.

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Sincerity is an odd topic for three soulless husks to confront, but we'll give it a crack. What's up with the increase in comics that are just lovely? Where have they come from? Why now? And what are the good ones? We'll tell ya!

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We're back from Thought Bubble and here to tell you about the exciting things we picked up - including several hideous diseases! But more than that we got some great new comics and interviewed some interesting creators. Let us tell you what you would have bought if only you had our impeccable taste.

Also we're sorry about how wet this all sounds. Sorry. About. The. Wet.

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It's that time of year again, so Roger and Dave are at Thought Bubble with special guests the people who could be lured back to their hotel room with cheap wine and a cocked eyebrow ACTUAL SPECIAL GUESTS.

They're all drinking chocolate-flavoured British wine (as distinct from English wine, people get very huffy if you confuse the two. So, what was the best of day one?

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We're joined in this episode by Hester Wells, the only guest we've ever had who has her own biographical comic that she didn't draw herself (specificity, yo), to help us out with the thorny topic of objectification, particularly in mainstream comics.

This episode is groaning with comics, throbbing with intellectual discussion and glistening with salty language.

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Food! For most of us it's a sludgy nutrient paste we shove into the front of our withered forms to stretch their existence out for another grim and grey stretch. But did you know it can also be delicious? It's true! We found many comics on the topic, and now we're sharing their wisdom with you.

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