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This episode we look at the Eisner Awards, looking at recent winners and asking: "Awards, huh? What are they good for?" Stick with us to find out.

Sixty episodes! Where does the time go? I'm serious, where is it. ANSWER ME, PHYSICS.

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This week we try to correct for our utter ignorance about manga, reading as much as we can in two weeks and then spouting opinions all over the place.

A theme emerges in Roger's reading. Not a good theme.

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This week we look at the Louvre's very own comics range in detail. Plus special guest Chris tells us about ELCAF, a diversion about Shakira, and Roger liberally salts his crotch.

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This week we're covering the Broken Frontier anthology, a recent collection of sci-fi treats. Plus! English wine! Corn! And guess who does an impression of a "Wizard's Stairlift"? It's not actually a sex act!



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With the sad news that Darwyn Cooke has died, we look back at the best of his career.

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Disease and a lack of free time have delayed our return - if your time is as obviously precious as ours, let us steer you through the murky, yaoi-filled waters of webcomics and onto the safer shores of whatever weird porn it is that you like instead.

Also learn which version of Doctor Who is sexually attracted to! Listen to us talk ourselves out of joining the CIA! More!

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This week we tread into the murky waters of politics, which means we mostly talk about Transmetropolitan, because most other political cartooning out there is exclusively by and for crazy people, and that ain't us.

This episode has a bad word in it. A really bad one. Lucy done it.

As always, ConSequential is brought to you by fried starches, alcohol, and a lingering sense that something, something we can't even remember, has gone terribly wrong.

And of course, our title music is by Canon Hannon’s Ham Cannon.

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How angry is it possible to be about Tintin, a comic where a boy and his dog solve mysteries and occasionally assert the supremacy of Belgium? Really quite, it turns out. That's right, we're covering the comics of France and Belgium (in rage-spittle).

Plus! Learn who's an alcoholic (it's Captain Haddock, and Roger). Which Franco-Belgian comic character has "bad trousers"? What are good names for the Cornish? We'll tell you.

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We're staring down those books we should have read already, tackling them like mighty colossi and devouring our shame. But not only that!

You probably want to know which cross-channel ferry service has the best buffet. We can help.

You probably want to know what Medieval nuns masturbated to. We can help.

You probably want to know just how much anxiety jam shopping can cause. Fuck yeah we can help.

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Like a glorious phoenix that just properly could not be bothered for a bit over Christmas, we're back! We're covering some indie comics we picked up last year, and quite frankly a load that were in a slightly wet bag in Roger's house.

Pretty good stuff.

Plus: watch a sad man's life disintegrate before your very ears when he learns that never again will he get to taste the sweet, sweet nectar of a Panda Pop.

Also: learn which member of the team accused a small local police force of being child abusers on local TV news show Look East!

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